Our FMC™ Program has had a meaningful impact on the finance careers of undergraduate students and professionals.

Success Stories

Evan Kluck

University of Minnesota

Houlihan Lokey

"The FMC Program condenses hundreds of hours of self-study into one weekend. As an engineering student, I was surprised at how easy everything was to follow. The skills I gained through Adventis will be invaluable at my internship this summer."

- Evan Kluck, Class of 2019, University of Minnesota

Will Macarthur

University of Georgia

Centerview Partners

"Adventis helped me bridge the gap in understanding how the financial statements link together and play into valuation. It took my technical knowledge to the next level through repetition and practice. Furthermore, it helped me continue to learn and excel through instructing others."

- Will Macarthur, Class of 2019, University of Georgia

William Barth

University of Notre Dame

William Blair

"I was asked about my Adventis Certification in each of my interviews, and employers were quite impressed to hear about the modeling skills that I had learned. This program helped me differentiate myself from my peers and prepared me for the technical segment of interviews, ultimately helping me land my most-desired internship."

- William Barth, Class of 2019, University of Notre Dame

Thomas Costello

University of Wisconsin

Rothschild & Co

“When you're interviewing for an IB internship, it is difficult to point to any tangible skills. The FMC Program was a way to distinguish myself in interviews by showing that I knew how to model advanced financial statements in a way that others couldn't match.”

- Thomas Costello, Class of 2019, University of Wisconsin

Colin McCune

Washington University

Guggenheim Partners

"Adventis' FMC™ Program helped me develop a thorough understanding of the concepts that drive financial modeling and build a foundation of technical skills far stronger than those I learned at other financial modeling boot camps."

- Colin McCune, Class of 2018, Washington University

Gianfranco Capeans

University of Notre Dame

Deutsche Bank

"In all of my interviews I was asked about my FMC Level II Certification. After hearing what it took to get certified, employers were assured of my deeper understanding of financial concepts. Undoubtedly, my certification was a critical factor in securing my current internship position.”

- Gianfranco Capeans, Class of 2018, University of Notre Dame

Sean Dedmond

University of San Diego


“The process of becoming certified through the FMC Program really helped me to prepare for investment banking interviews, as it combined rigorous training in financial modeling, accounting, and other areas.”

- Sean Dedmond, Class of 2018, University of San Diego

Jeff Foster

Dartmouth College

Starwood Capital Group

“My Adventis certification was a great talking point in interviews. Employers loved how extensive the FMC Program was and they had a high level of assurance in my skills and knowledge because of what I had to do in order to become certified.”

- Jeff Foster, Class of 2016, Dartmouth College

Wesley Frank

Michigan State University

Goldman Sachs

“By far the best financial modeling course I've ever attended. If you want to give yourself a major leg up on students you're interviewing against, I strongly recommend enrolling in the course.”

- Wesley Frank, Class of 2019, Michigan State University

Adam Keesling

Iowa State University

William Blair

"My FMC Level II Certification was frequently a talking point for employers and gave me the confidence to answer technical questions with ease. I wouldn't have gotten an investment banking summer analyst position, let alone an interview, if it wasn't for Adventis."

- Adam Keesling, Class of 2018, Iowa State University

James Carlstedt

Michigan State University

Goldman Sachs

“I've had the opportunity to attend several financial modeling boot camps and Adventis was clearly the leader in preparing me for my future career in investment banking."

- James Carlstedt, Class of 2017, Michigan State University

Nicholas Weil

University of Illinois


“My Adventis Certification impressed every employer I approached. It not only allowed me to secure my sophomore internship, but also helped in junior year recruitment. Companies were impressed with my already proven experience in Excel.“

- Nicholas Weil, Class of 2019, University of Illinois

Chandler Magnum

New York University

Goldman Sachs

"Employers were really impressed with the skills I developed through the FMC Program. The skills I learned, without a doubt, helped me secure my current internship position."

- Chandler Magnum, Class of 2017, New York University

Hao Wang

University of Chicago


“Most interviewers asked about my certification and it gave me a great talking point about my abilities and interest in finance. During my internship I became familiar with the job more quickly than my peers because of the learning curve I went up in the FMC Program.”

- Hao Wang, Class of 2016, University of Chicago

Matt Bender

Miami University

JP Morgan

“Employers were very impressed with my Adventis certification. My understanding of financial modeling concepts and ability to articulate that understanding is far greater having gone through the process of getting certified.”

- Matt Bender, Class of 2017, Miami University

Michael Loffredo

Miami University

William Blair

"Adventis”™ FMC Program sharpened my technical skills, not only with my efficiency in Excel but also in being able to build financial models. Being able to demonstrate that skill set in interviews was critical."

- Michael Loffredo, Class of 2017, Miami University

Matt Murtha

Miami University

Robert W. Baird & Co.

"My certification helped me stand out because I could speak to my hands-on experience with concepts like discounted cash flow analyses and leveraged buyouts. Most of my interview questions were technical, and I drew on skills learned through Adventis to answer almost all of them."

- Matt Murtha, Class of 2017, Miami University

Ali Willet

Boston College


"Adventis”™ financial modeling course was extremely instrumental in preparing me for interviews, as well as the work I did day-to-day during my investment banking internship. The FMC Program truly helped me stand out from my peers and impress my managers throughout my summer at Citi."

- Ali Willet, Class of 2018, Boston College

Harris Ahmed

University of Illinois


"Nearly every investment banker I interviewed with was interested to learn more about my Adventis certification. Being certified gave interviewers confidence in my capabilities, as I was able to quickly demonstrate that I had a deep understanding of financial modeling and valuation concepts."

- Harris Ahmed, Class of 2018, University of Illinois

Nadim Muzayyin

New York University

JP Morgan

"I interviewed with several bulge bracket investment banks and the training I received through the FMC Program played a huge part in getting an internship with JPMorgan."

- Nadim Muzayyin, Class of 2017, New York University

Daniel Boulanger

Brown University

Golden Gate Capital

"The FMC Program is far and away the most hands-on and comprehensive financial modeling course I”™ve come across. The FMC Program made me extremely confident in my financial modeling capabilities going into my internship in private equity."

- Daniel Boulanger, Class of 2017, Brown University

Zachary Brown

University of Illinois

Credit Suisse

“Completion of the FMC Program gave me the knowledge base necessary to handle all of the interview questions I received throughout the recruitment process. In addition, the financial modelling skill set developed in the program is more comprehensive than any other available.”

- Zachary Brown, Class of 2018, University of Illinois

Jay Burzych

Michigan State University

Wells Fargo

“The superior technical skills I learned through the FMC Program gave me a competitive advantage in interviews."

- Jay Burzych, Class of 2017, Michigan State University

Derek Yang

University of Chicago


“The process I had to go to in order to become certified really helped me prepare for interviews and enabled me to show interviewers I understood key parts of the investment banking analyst position.”

- Derek Yang, Class of 2017, University of Chicago

Joe Shannon

Miami University

Alvarez & Marsal

During the interview process I spoke about the FMC Program quite a bit and employers really liked that I was building technical skills. The Microsoft Excel skills I learned in the FMC Program will greatly help my ability to perform in my internship next summer.”

- Joe Shannon, Class of 2017, Miami University

Dan Schlesser

Miami University


“My Adventis certification was a great talking point and competitive advantage in interviews. Employers were interested in the certification and what it took to get certified. I learned a ton in the FMC Program and would strongly recommend it.”

- Dan Schlesser, Class of 2016, Miami University

Nick Bunick

University of San Diego


"My Adventis certification gave me a leg up starting on day one of my investment banking internship. I would highly recommend the FMC Program to anyone interested in a career in investment banking."

- Nick Bunick, Class of 2017, University of San Diego

Javier Valverde

University of Notre Dame

Deutsche Bank

“Most interviewers asked about my FMC™ Level II certification. The process of becoming certified gave me an advanced level of knowledge and proficiency with Excel, which helped me prove myself during interviews and ultimately land my summer internship.”

- Javier Valverde, Class of 2017, University of Notre Dame

Joe Grady

University of Notre Dame

Credit Suisse

"Every company I interviewed with asked me about my Adventis certification, and having that to speak to gave me a big leg up. I developed a level of comfort with the technical aspects of financial modeling through the FMC Program, which was key to preparing for interviews."

- Joe Grady, Class of 2017, University of Notre Dame

Andrew Wilson

Iowa State University

Credit Suisse

“Because of the skills I developed in earning my Adventis certification, I was able to more quickly build financial models for a handful of deals I was on during my investment banking internship. The FMC Program definitely had an impact on my performance as an intern.”

- Andrew Wilson, Class of 2017, Iowa State University

Michael Scheid

University of Notre Dame

Robert W. Baird & Co.

"The comprehensive hands-on training provided by Adventis made interviewing much easier. My Adventis certification always came up in interviews, and I was able to impress employers with the skills I learned in the course."

- Michael Scheid, Class of 2016, University of Notre Dame

Nina Gerson

Washington University

Union Square Advisors LLC

“The financial modeling skills I learned in the FMC Program enabled me to start my investment banking career with confidence. With its small class sizes, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on teaching style, Adventis is by far the most comprehensive financial modeling course available.”

- Nina Gerson, Class of 2017, Washington University

Joe Amsler

University of Notre Dame

BMO Capital Markets

“Interviewers always wanted to talk about my Adventis certification. They were impressed when they found out how much I had learned through the training.”

- Joe Amsler, Class of 2016, University of Notre Dame

Robert Staub

Iowa State University

William Blair

“Employers were truly impressed with my certification. I became so familiar with the concepts through the certification process that I could knock any question out of the park and interviewers were able to see I had a genuine interest in finance.”

- Robert Staub, Class of 2016, Iowa State University

Matt Beck

Michigan State University


“The skills I developed through the FMC Program enabled me to have a lot of confidence going into my investment banking internship. The FMC Program enabled me to contribute in a way that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.”

- Matt Beck, Class of 2016, Michigan State University