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Mentorship Program

Help aspiring finance professionals differentiate themselves for investment banking, private equity, and other competitive fields in finance.

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Early Career Finance Positions


Investment banks, private equity firms, and other financial institutions are looking for candidates for entry-level positions to step in and make an immediate impact. Financial acumen and attention to detail are two of the more critical keys to success in finance careers.

Adventis created the Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program to instill these characteristics through practical, hands-on instruction in financial modeling.

Increase Chances of Winning Top Positions


Getting certified as an underclassman greatly increases the chances of landing a top job in finance.

56% of Adventis alumni who completed the FMC Level I Certification by the end of their sophomore year secured a full-time job in investment banking. Other Level I alumni have secured jobs across equity research, commercial banking, private equity, and othercompetitive industries.


Mentorship Program Highlights


100% online

Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program

Finance Recruiting Course​

Investment Banking Recruiting Course

Access to videos for 2 years

No accounting or finance knowledge required

30-40 hours of total commitment to earn certifications

95 videos, 14 hours of instruction

Who Should You Enroll in the Mentorship Program?


Our FMC® Program builds accounting and financing acumen that sets students apart when they enter the competitive job market. The program is designed to benefit individuals of all educational backgrounds and skillsets.

Adventis is Built to Help Your Mentees Succeed



Help your mentees become a top candidate in interviews for competitive finance internships & positions by becoming certified


We provide extensive feedback so your mentees can improve their skills to take our rigorous exams


The certification process requires your mentees to internalize concepts, rather than just memorizing them


Your mentees will learn to build financial models entirely from scratch with our step-by-step guide


Your mentees next accounting or finance course will be a breeze after they become certified


Your mentees only need as little as 20 hours to commit to our fast, effective, and affordable program

Ready to Enroll?

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Training Early Supports Your Mentees’ Career Track


The hundreds of individuals Adventis certifies each year are in very good company. Adventis-certified individuals are currently represented at hundreds of firms throughout the country (see below for a sampling of the more notable firms). Earning your certification won’t guarantee an interview, but it will help to move your mentees’ resume closer to the top of the pile.

FMC® Program Learning Objectives


Finance Recruiting Course
Learning Objectives


When it comes to developing strong candidates for entry-level finance positions, there is no substitute for hard work and thought. That is why the Finance Recruiting Course requires enrollees to understand the “why” behind the topics we provide instruction on and be diligent about applying them to their candidacy. In this course, you’ll learn about all the different industries in the finance ecosystem, how to approach networking, and how to approach building your resume and pitch.

Finance Industry Overview
Overview of Finance and Sell Side vs Buy Side
Sell Side Industries and Roles
Buy Side Industries and Roles
Other Industries and Roles
Career considerations
Why is Networking Important?
What are Firms Looking For?
The Networking Timeline
Types of interactions
Sourcing Leads and Reaching Out
Leading a Conversation
Taking Notes and Tracking
Resume and Story
The Purpose of a Resume
Resume Format
Job Description Exercise
Filling in Your Resume
Personal Pitch
What is a Personal Pitch
Walk Me Through Your Resume
60 Second Pitch

Investment Banking Recruiting Course
Learning Objectives


This course is provides the framework for building a candidacy for the investment banking analyst summer analyst or investment banking analyst role. Candidates will learn about investment banking and the different bank types and how to answer key questions in the recruiting process.

Investment Banking Overview & Bank Types
Overview of Investment Banking
Types of M&A Transactions
Different Bank Types
Bulge Bracket Investment Banks
Middle Market Investment Banks
Independent Investment Banks
Niche Boutique Investment Banks
Bank Type Pros and Cons
Post Banking Career Opportunities
Why Investment Banking?
How to Answer “Why Investment Banking?”
The Investment Banking Analyst Role
The Investment Banking Deal Team
Creating Pitchbooks
Sell Side Transactions
Buy Side Transactions
Public Equity Transactions
Following a Deal and Soft Technical Questions
Why Banks Ask “Walk Me Through A Deal”
Structuring Your Answer to “Walk Me Through A Deal”
Other Soft Technical Questions



Adventis has a strong presence at dozens of universities across the U.S. and Canada. We have a network of certified students at those universities who have leveraged Adventis to win internships and full-time positions at some of the most sought after financial institutions. These students got a lot out of Adventis and are now 3rd- and 4th-year students looking to give back by mentoring others, knowing the advantages of becoming certified.

While users who gain access through the mentorship program gain access to our same catalog of learning materials as regular online enrollments, there are two main differences.  First, the mentor program has a structured program led by an Adventis Representative. Adventis Representatives are students who understand everything Adventis has to offer because they’ve used all the resources of Adventis to earn their internships and full-time positions at top financial institutions. The other main difference is that our corporate clients get access to a dashboard that displays each employee’s progress through the program using real-time data. This includes the percentage of videos watched, attempted exams, and certifications earned.

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