Adventis’ FMC® Program transforms tomorrow’s leaders through essential financial modeling skills.

A superior way for elite performers to make an immediate impact.


Today, banks and private equity companies are looking for candidates to step in and make an immediate impact. Practical financial modeling skills, analytical acumen, ambition, and work ethic are the keys to success in finance careers.

At Adventis, we created the Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program to teach you the fundamental financial modeling and analytical skills we wish we had before starting our careers in finance. The FMC® Program is transforming the way financial modeling, valuation, and other vital analytical skills are learned through its practical, hands-on instruction.

About the FMC® Program


The Adventis FMC® Program involves hands-on, detailed, and meticulous learning. With over 7,000 enrollments, only 15% of our applicants receive a certification. We only award our certificates to those who exhibit the knowledge of skills taught in the FMC® Program by passing our exams – not simply watching the program’s videos.

Initially designed to help students and professionals become better candidates for finance positions, companies can also use the FMC® Program to provide best-of-class financial modeling capabilities to their teams.

Life-long skills


At its core, the FMC® Program teaches you how to build best-of-class, three-statement, fully circular financial models entirely from scratch. A three statement financial model is a critical decision-making tool for companies, from clients at a bank to your own entrepreneurial adventure. This life-long skill is why investment bankers are sought after in any professional context.

Understanding how to build a quality financial model empowers you to:

The FMC Program also provides you with a foundational understanding of the following topics:

Why get certified?


For job candidates

In the hyper-competitive market for finance jobs, strong candidates don’t get job offers; exceptional ones do. Ambitious finance professionals need a way to stand out. Whether you want to advance your career or break into positions in investment banking, private equity, equity research, and other highly competitive fields. With an average of 100 applications for each available position, it’s important to stand out.

Hear from our alumni about what the program meant for them, here.

For employers

Companies also need to train and upskill their team members with skills that impact your firm and your clients. Our training program works with financial services firms, private equity firms, and other companies to help train their teams on building core financial modeling skills and efficiency in Microsoft Excel. To learn more reach out to (or visit Institutions).

How the FMC® Program works

We designed the Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program to provide a hands-on “learn by doing” approach to financial modeling. Aspiring finance professionals may learn these concepts in school, but lack the hands-on experience of how to actually build financial models. Learning from a textbook and doing case studies is great – but actually building out the model 10 to 20 times and getting certified provides you with a foundation you can’t get any other way. It forces you to internalize and deeply understand the three statements and how they work together.

Course Syllabus Overview


When it comes to learning financial modeling, we believe that there is no substitute for repetition. That is why this certification requires enrollees to practice their financial modeling skills extensively and internalize key concepts.

Excel Formatting Techniques and Keystroke Efficiency
Three Statement Model
Public Comparables Analysis
Precedent Comparables Analysis
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Valuation “Football Field”
Leveraged Buyout Analysis
Self-Paced Practice & Certification Exams

FMC® Certification Levels

The FMC® Program consists of two levels of certification. Each level requires enrollees to pass a rigorous and thorough set of requirements that demonstrate strong analytical capabilities and an understanding of key concepts.

The FMC® Level I Certification identifies individuals who have learned best-of-class financial modeling skills and internalized key financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts.

The FMC® Level II Certification identifies individuals who have internalized key valuation and leveraged buyout concepts, in addition to having earned our FMC™ Level I Certification.

FMC® Level I Certification
FMC® Level II Certification
  • Participation in the FMC® Program​
  • FMC® Level I Certification
Skills & Concepts
  • Basic financial modeling skill​
  • Basic financial modeling skill​
  • Accounting and corporate finance concepts
  • Valuation
  • Leveraged buyout transactions​
Overview of Exams
  • Financial modeling exam (90 minutes)​
  • Multiple-choice exam (90%)​
  • Multiple-choice exam (90%)​

How the FMC® Program looks on your resume


There are three ways you can depict your involvement in the FMC® Program on your resume, depending on your certification levels.
Resume Description
Optional Sub-Bullets
Enrolled in Adventis’ Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program
  • Includes the Financial Modeling Course, Valuation Module, and Leveraged Buyout Module​

FMC® Level I Certification from Adventis

  • Built a three-statement, fully circular and properly formatted financial model from scratch in under 90 minutes​
  • Scored at least 90% on a multiple-choice exam covering key concepts in financial modeling, accounting, and corporate financ

FMC® Level II Certification from Adventis

  • Scored at least 90% on a multiple-choice exam covering key concepts in financial modeling, accounting, and corporate financ
  • Scored at least 90% on two multiple choice exams covering key concepts in financial modeling, accounting, corporate finance, intrinsic and relative valuation, and leveraged buyout transactions​

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