Success Stories

Michael Shieh

Summer Analyst

“The FMC Program planted important early confidence in excel that developed into much greater proficiency as time went on. My certification and time teaching other students were critical in helping me secure my internship.”

– Michael Shieh, Class of 2020, University of Illinois

Summer Analyst

“Having Adventis on my resume allowed me to get my foot in the door at many banks and then the concepts and skills I learned through the program allowed me to successfully demonstrate my understanding to interviewers.”

– Jake White, Class of 2020, Miami University

Summer Analyst

“The FMC Program was extremely beneficial in preparing me for my internship this past summer. I learned the necessary foundation of technical skills that I would not have gained exposure to in the classroom. These critical financial modeling concepts truly allowed me to succeed during my summer at HL.”

– Madeline Garvey, Class of 2019, University of Illinois

Summer Analyst

“During interviews, banks love to test your knowledge of concepts in finance and accounting. The FMC certification course helps you demonstrate to interviewers your advanced understanding of these key concepts, as well as your modeling and excel abilities.”

– Christian Burmeister, Class of 2019, Washington University

Summer Analyst

“Adventis taught me the core competencies of financial modeling early on in my college career. My modeling and technical skills came out during my interview and helped me land my internship.”

– Parker Decraene, Class of 2019, Michigan State University

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