Our FMC® Program offers The Premier Certification for Financial Modeling Skills

The Premier Financial Modeling Certification

Earning our certifications requires rigorous and meticulous training that differentiates undergraduate students. We award our certifications to those that exhibit the knowledge of skills taught in our boot camps by passing our exams, not for simply attending our boot camps. Those who earn the certifications can build best-of-class, three-statement, fully circular financial models completely from scratch.

Levels of Certification

The FMC® Program consists of two levels of certification. Each level requires trainees to pass a rigorous and thorough set of requirements that demonstrate strong analytical capabilities and an understanding of key concepts.

  • FMC® Level I Certification: Identifies trainees who have learned best-of-class financial modeling skills and internalized key financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts; trainees must build an industry-leading, three-statement financial model from scratch in less than 90 minutes and score at least 90% on a 30-question multiple-choice exam.
  • FMC® Level II Certification: Identifies trainees who have internalized key valuation and leveraged buyout concepts, in addition to having earned our FMC® Level I Certification. This certification requires trainees to score at least 90% on a 25-question multiple-choice exam.
FMC® Level I Certification FMC® Level II Certification
  • Participation in boot camp
  • FMC® Level I Certification
Skills & Concepts
  • Basic financial modeling skills
  • Excel keystrokes
  • Valuation
  • Leveraged buyout transactions
Overview of Exams
  • Financial modeling exam (90 minutes)
  • Multiple-choice exam (90%)
  • Multiple-choice exam (90%)