Our Student Trainers are a critical part of our team. They are certified students who help us administer our boot camps at multiple universities.

Student Trainer  Description

Student Trainers are selected from amongst our body of Campus Representatives. Our Student Trainers are an integral part of administering our boot camps, as they build the instructor financial model in front of trainees, explaining key strokes, concepts and other aspects of our boot camp alongside our Lead Trainers. Our Student Trainers also typically lead our efforts on campus by coordinating directly with Adventis leadership. The role of our Student Trainers differs by campus due to the unique challenges at individual universities.


Training in our Boot Camps Student Trainers are resources for our Lead Trainers. They play a meaningful role in administering our boot camps, as they build the instructor financial model in front of our trainees learn keystrokes, formatting techniques and financial modeling concepts.
On-Campus Leadership Student Trainers coordinate directly with Adventis leadership and are required to lead our efforts on campus before and after our boot camps.
Student Relationships One of the key aspects of the Student Trainer role is building and maintaining relationships with Campus Representatives and certified students.
Administration Student Trainers are responsible for taking attendance at our boot camps. They are also responsible for tracking the progress of each course against internal standards and administering surveys to students.
FMC® Program Development Because our Student Trainers are on the ground teaching, we look to them to help us improve our FMC® Program. We will never stop improving the program and making it relevant to skills needed for various financial professions.


Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Desire to teach undergraduate students best-of-class financial modeling skills to undergraduate students
  • Candidates must have been a Campus Representative for at least one semester
  • FMC® Level II Certification

If you interested in becoming a  Student  Trainer, please contact David Lewicki at david.lewicki@adventiscg.com.