“Because of their backgrounds in investment banking, private equity and corporate development, Lead Trainers were able to explain why all the steps in the FMC® Program are relevant for careers in finance.”

Lead Trainer Description

Adventis is looking for Lead Trainers! This flexible, part-time opportunity is ideal for those with strong financial backgrounds, entrepreneurial aspirations, and a passion for teaching financial skills. Individuals who enjoy working in a dynamic and highly collegiate environment will find that working with Adventis complements and enhances their personal and professional experience. As Adventis continues to grow, Lead Trainers may also be considered for future management positions.


Training Lead Trainers are responsible for executing our FMC® Program and ensuring that attendees receive a high quality hands-on experience. Lead Trainers deliver programs to undergraduate students on-campus.
Student Relationships Lead Trainers play a significant role in building and maintaining relationships with Student Trainers and certified students.
University Relationships Lead Trainers play a significant role in maintaining relationships with university professors and faculty.
Employer Relationships Lead Trainers all come from the workforce and have a broad network of relationships. We ask that they continue to develop and strengthen valuable relationships throughout the financial industry.
FMC® Program Development   It is important that we always keep our FMC® Program relevant to enhance the skills needed in the dynamic and competitive finance-related field. We ask our Lead Trainers to leverage their skills to help us improve our FMC® Program.


Ideal Candidate Profile

  • 2+ years experience building high-quality, three-statement financial models in investment banking or other financial analyst positions
  • Passion for teaching and mentoring future financial professionals
  • Availability to work and travel on weekends
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Relational and comfortable with public speaking

If you interested in becoming a Lead Trainer, please contact David Lewicki at david.lewicki@adventiscg.com.