“The FMC® Program is fun to teach. It’s very rewarding seeing trainees leave the classroom with a sense of accomplishment and knowing that you had a lasting impact on their future careers in finance.”

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Our group of trainers consists of Lead Trainers, Student Trainers and Campus Representatives. All three groups of trainers have a unique impact on our business and bring different levels of interests, skills and backgrounds.

Lead Trainers

Lead Trainers have backgrounds in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance and other finance-related fields. Rather than take professionals out of the workforce to train full time, we partner with professionals who have industry insight, are highly qualified, enjoy training and are willing and able to administer our Program to professionals and undergraduate students. Our lead trainers maintain the integrity of the FMC® Program. Learn more about our Lead Trainers here.

Student Trainers

Student Trainers are selected from amongst our body of Campus Representatives. Our Student Trainers are an integral part of administering our boot camps, as they build the instructor financial model in front of trainees, explaining key strokes, concepts and other aspects of our boot camp alongside our Lead Trainers. Our Student Trainers also typically lead our efforts on campus by coordinating directly with Adventis leadership. The role of our Student Trainers differs by campus due to the unique challenges at individual universities. Learn more about our Student  Trainers here.

Campus Representatives

Campus Representatives are a critical component of our business, as they are our eyes, ears and feet on the ground at undergraduate campuses. They are typically leaders in clubs on campus and are personally and professionally vested in seeing our FMC® Program succeed. Campus Representatives have a competitive edge in obtaining financial analyst positions relative to other candidates from their universities. With only a few hours of commitment per semester, the experience of being a Campus Representatives sets a job candidate apart by demonstrating analytical, leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities. Learn more about our Campus Representatives here.