A Comprehensive Course Built for Undergraduates.


Learn what it takes to win an internship or entry-level position in investment banking.

Investment Banking Interview Course

*Discounted price for undergraduate students

Course Highlights

Who Should Enroll?

Whether you’re an underclassmen seeking to differentiate yourself while networking and interviewing for internships or an upperclassmen looking to break into the investment banking industry, you will find the Investment Banking Interview Course very valuable.


This program benefits individuals of all educational backgrounds and skillsets.

What You’ll Learn


  • Learn why firms use networking and what its purpose is in the recruiting process
  • Learn tips on how to reach out to contacts and lead conversations with bankers
  • Learn tactical tools you can use to track your progress and how you can use information gained while networking to give you a better shot at landing your internship or full-time position

Resume and Story

  • Learn why resumes are used and what their purpose are in the recruiting process
  • Learn the process for building a great resume and story
  • Learn how to align your resume and story with what investment banks are looking for

Personal Pitch

  • Learn how to build your answer for “tell me about yourself” or “walk me through your resume” questions asked in almost every interview
  • Learn how the personal pitch is connected to your resume and story

Investment Banking Overview & Bank Types

  • Learn about the investment banking industry and take a deeper dive into the different bank types
  • Learn how to self-reflect and narrow down your search by bank time and firm / group
  • Learn the pros and cons of different bank types and which bank type might be a better fit for you
  • Develop the framework the “why investment banking” and “why firm or group” questions that are very common in investment banking interviews

Why Investment Banking?

  • Learn how to convey your interest in investment banking in a way that’s disciplined, systematic, and believable by the bankers interviewing you

Investment Banking Analyst Role

  • Develop an understanding of all the nuances of the investment banking analyst role
  • Develop the ability to speak intelligently when a banker asks you “what does an analyst do?”

Following a Deal and Soft Technical Questions

  • Learn how to answer the “tell me about a deal you’re following” question and in a way that is demonstrates your passion for investment banking and intellectual curiosity
Investment Banking Interview Course

*Discounted price for undergraduate students

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