“As a financial analyst, I’m expected to efficiently manage data in excel.  The Adventis Excel functions course was a great way to refresh my Excel skills.”

Microsoft Excel Functions Module

In today”™s world, many jobs require advanced Excel skills.  In our Microsoft Excel Functions Module, trainees learn to go beyond just keeping data by using formulas to analyze it. Trainees are provided with a sample data set that they will have to manage. A number of excel tools will be reviewed, including the following key topics:

  • Vlookup formula
  • Sumifs formula
  • Choose formula
  • Index formula
  • Round formula
  • Concatenate formula
  • Data Tables
  • Conditional Formatting

The Microsoft Excel Functions Module is taught in conjunction with the Financial Modeling Course. This module typically lasts approximately two to three hours. This module enables trainees to learn advanced excel functions that they will use in financial modeling and data manipulation.

Module Description

Trainees receive an Excel file with a series of problems to solve that require use of all the key topics used above. Trainees work through each section with help from our instructors, learning how to use each formula along the way.