“The FMC® Level II Certification exam was even more difficult than the FM Level I exam. It really forced me to internalize valuation and leveraged buyout concepts and prepared me for my internship in investment banking.”

FMC ® Level II Certification

Our FMC ® Level II Certification sets trainees apart that have internalized key valuation and leveraged buyout concepts, in addition to having earned our FM Level I Certification.

Candidacy for the FMC ® Level II Certification

In order to be a candidate for FMC ® Level II Certification, trainees must have been awarded the FMC ® Level I Certification. We make our FMC ® Level I Certification a pre-requisite for this certificate because we believe trainees should have a basic understanding of key financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts before learning more advanced concepts.

Certification Tests

In order to be awarded the FMC ® Level II Certification, trainees must pass a multiple-choice exam. The exam includes 25 questions and is focused on valuation and leveraged buyout concepts. Successfully answering 90% of the questions on this test demonstrates a student has a fundamental understanding of the topics at hand and is required to become certified.

Sample FMC ® Level II Certification