“The FMC™ Level I Certification is very rigorous and required me to put in many days of practice before I could pass. Once completed, I felt I had a great base skill set I could take with me to my internship.”

FMC ® Level I Certification

Our FMC ® Level I Certification sets trainees apart that have learned best-of-class financial modeling skills and internalized key financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts.

Candidacy for the FMC ® Level I Certification

In order to be a candidate for FMC ® Level I Certification, trainees must have participated in one of our boot camps. When it comes to learning the skill of financial modeling, we believe that there is no substitute for repetition. That is why this certification requires trainees to practice their financial modeling skills extensively and internalize key concepts.

Certification Exams

In order to be awarded the FMC ® Level I Certification, trainees must pass a financial modeling exam and a multiple-choice exam. The financial modeling exam is similar to the exercise in the Financial Modeling Course that requires trainees to build an industry-leading, three-statement financial model from scratch. During the exam, however, trainees do not receive instruction from trainers. Trainees must meet a rigorous set of criteria to pass this exam; this includes completion within 90 minutes, accurate formulas and proper formatting. The multiple-choice exam includes 30 questions and is focused on financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts. Successfully answering 90% of the questions on this exam is required in order to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the topics at hand and become certified.

Sample FMC ® Level I Certification