“Participating in Adventis’ Financial Modeling Course allowed me to fine-tune my financial modeling skills. The program refined my Excel skills and helped me learn the proper way to build a thorough financial model. These skills have paid dividends in both course work and at my work site.”

Financial Modeling Course

The Financial Modeling Course is one of the core components of the FMC® Program. It typically lasts approximately four hours. During this course, trainees build a fully circular, three-statement financial model Rather than receive pre-constructed templates, trainees build all formulas from “scratch”, which enables them to truly understand why and how the formulas work.

Trainees follow Adventis’s 10-Step Program to build their financial model, under the guidance of our Lead Trainers. Trainees are able to learn the concepts behind the work performed, as trainers take time to elaborate after each step.

Course Description

Trainees receive a 9-tab blank spreadsheet which they use to build the financial model. They also receive another spreadsheet with three years of historical information and five years of projection inputs. Finally, trainees receive select pages from the company’s 10-K so they get a feel for where the data came from. During this course trainees:

  • Build income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement projections
  • Use inputs to drive revenue, expenses, taxes, capital expenditures, depreciation and other metrics
  • Build supporting schedules for equity, fixed assets, working capital, capital structure, debt and interest expense
  • Build corporate finance schedules for dividends, share repurchases and common shares