Our FMC® Program is transforming the way tomorrow’s leaders learn vital financial modeling skills and giving companies a superior way to find elite performers who are ready to make an immediate impact.

The Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program

Equipping students and professionals with the financial modeling and analytical skills they need to make an immediate impact, Adventis’s FMC® Program is becoming the gold standard for identifying the financial industry’s most talented, driven performers.

Why Financial Modeling Training?

In the hyper-competitive market for finance jobs, strong candidates don’t get job offers; exceptional ones do. For students who are passionate about a career in finance, Adventis’s FMC® Program is the ideal way to prepare for and secure a position that will launch your career.

Employers are looking for interns and entry-level analysts who can step in and make an immediate impact. The FMC® Program differentiates students, showing employers that a student has the practical financial modeling and analytical skills, as well as the drive and work ethic, needed to thrive in a demanding role.

How is the FMC® Program Different?

The FMC® Program is transforming the way financial modeling, valuation and other vital analytical skills are learned through its practical, hands-on boot camps. Relative to other training programs, the FMC® Program does of superior job of preparing undergraduate students for success.

  • Accelerated learning curves: Rather than struggling through the first several months on the job, students and professionals emerge from the FMC® Program able to make immediate contributions on the job.
  • Constructing financial models from scratch: FMC® Program graduates are able to build fully circular, three-statement financial models from scratch. Unlike other programs that simply teach analysts how to manipulate pre-existing templates, we teach trainees how to turn raw data into models that meet industry-leading standards for formatting, precision and functionality.
  • Learning by doing, not watching: Our training sessions are not lectures where trainees are expected to passively absorb information. Our sessions include engaging, high-energy financial modeling exercises where trainees work through examples while receiving hands-on guidance from instructors who are passionate about teaching.
  • Enhancing productivity with proven techniques: FMC® Program graduates learn to use keystrokes, macros and other techniques that are proven to enhance the speed and accuracy of their work.
  • Focusing on what matters: Our rigorous FMC® Program does not waste time on esoteric concepts that have little value in the workplace. Our training focuses on the practical skills that students and professionals need to excel in their careers.

What Does the FMC® Program Cover?

Concepts covered in our boot camps include financial modeling, accounting, corporate finance, intrinsic and relative valuation, and leveraged buyout transactions. Our boot camps teach trainees to build best-of-class, three-statement financial models and other analyses entirely from scratch, while selectively using lecture-based instruction to explain concepts along the way.

What are the Benefits of Getting Certified?

For students: Our FMC® Program allows undergraduates students to bolster their resumes and demonstrate that they have the practical, real-world skills that are highly attractive to investment banks, private equity firms, asset management firms, corporate finance groups, corporate development groups, accounting firms and other employers looking for financial talent.

For employers: Our FMC® Program allows employers to identify trainees who have learned best-of-class financial modeling skills and internalized key concepts required for a wide range of financial jobs. Just as importantly, our certification also allows employers to identify trainees who have the drive and work ethic needed to thrive on the job. We have a rigorous and meticulous approach to certifying trainees, and it typically takes 25-40 hours of total work (including in-class instruction and self-paced learning) to become certified.

Who Should Get Certified?

If you are an undergraduate student looking to get an entry-level position in finance, we believe you should get certified. Undergraduate students looking to get entry-level positions in investment banking, private equity, equity research, and other highly competitive fields are particularly encouraged to get certified.

Where is the FMC® Program Offered?

We offer our FMC® Program at a number of universities. If we’re not on your campus and would like to learn more about our FMC® Program click here  to contact us.

The FMC® Program On Campus

Through our on-campus FMC® Program, students at universities participate in two full days of instructor-led courses and have the opportunity to emerge with our coveted certifications upon completion.

  • Pre-training preparation. Prior to their first day of instruction, students should be able to complete our Self-Paced Exercise in less than 5 minutes. Students usually need to devote 2-3 hours of practice to be able to gain this pre-training proficiency.
  • Training structure: Students are required to participate in two days of instruction before they are considered candidates for certification. In addition to the two days of instructor-led training, students will need to complete practice financial modeling exercises outside of class in order to pass the certification exams. In total, students typically spend a combined of 30-45 hours in in-class and out-of-class training.
  • Instructors: Students are taught and certified by professionals who are actively employed in investment banking, private equity, corporate development, commercial lending and other finance-related backgrounds.
  • Industry preparation: Students who find the most value in our FMC® Program are those who aspire to have careers in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance and other finance-related fields.
  • Campus locations: We are currently administering our FMC® Program at over 35 universities. At some campuses, we are administering one day of instruction per semester and at others we are administering two-day boot camps each semester. Sessions for the fall semester are typically held from late September to mid November and sessions for the spring semester are held from early February to late April.

Training Schedule

The FMC® Program consists of in-class, instructor-led training and self-paced exercises that students must complete outside of class. Each day of instruction lasts approximately 7-8 hours and consists of building financial models and other analysis of a real company entirely from “scratch”. The first day of instruction consists of the Financial Modeling Course and the Valuation Module. The second day of instruction consists of the Leveraged Buyout Module and another round of the Financial Modeling Course. Exams for FMC® Level I Certification and FMC® Level II Certification are offered to qualified candidates at the conclusion of each instructor-led session and remotely throughout the semester. Testing for FMC® Level I Certification typically lasts two hours and testing for FMC® Level II Certification typically lasts 30 minutes.

Day 1 8 hours
  • Valuation Module: Build public and M&A comparables,a WACC analysis, a DCF analysis and a “football field” of a real company
Day  2 7 hours
Self-Paced Practice
  • Practice re-creating financial models
  • Review Course Packet
12-25  hours
Certification Exams 3-5 hours
Total time requirement: 30-45 hours


What to Put on Your Resume

Below are the three ways you can depict your involvement in the FMC® Program on your resume. If you are going to depict your involvement with Adventis on your resume in any way, the descriptions on the left hand side of the below chart are mandatory. If you decide you would like to add sub bullets to these descriptions, then there are optional sub bullets on the right side of the chart. To see more on this, please click here.

Resume Description Optional Sub-Bullets
Enrolled in Adventis’s Financial Modeling Certification (FMC®) Program
  • Includes the Financial Modeling Course, Valuation Module, and Leveraged Buyout Module
FMC® Level I Certification from Adventis
  • Built a three-statement, fully circular and properly formatted financial model from scratch in under 90 minutes
  • Scored at least 90% on a multiple choice exam covering key concepts in financial modeling, accounting, and corporate finance
FMC® Level II Certification from Adventis
  • Built a three-statement, fully circular and properly formatted financial model from scratch in under 90 minutes
  • Scored at least 90% on two multiple choice exams covering key concepts in financial modeling, accounting, corporate finance, intrinsic and relative valuation, and leveraged buyout transactions