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Financial Modeling Certification

(FMC®) Program

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Our Adventis-certified professionals are represented at hundreds of firms throughout the country, giving them the leg up they need to make moves in their industry. This modeling course is specifically geared towards professionals looking to make a move and stand out in finance. You will emerge from our FMC® Program & make immediate contributions on the job.


Mastering the skills in our FMC® Program pushes you to fully grasp the critical knowledge needed to excel in financial modeling. From keystroke and formula expertise in Microsoft Excel, to core competency understanding that gives you a competitive edge over you peers.

What Sets Adventis Apart?



Be a top candidate for competitive finance positions and stand out from other professionals


Take our rigorous exams with confidence knowing we provide extensive feedback to improve your skills until you are certified


Whether an entry level job, lateral move, or promotion, being able to fully articulate and show mastery of financial modeling has a significant impact


This is your step by step guide to build financial models entirely from scratch


Don't jus understand the concepts, master them to demonstrate your work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to finance.


In as little as 20 hours, you can become Adventis Certified to continue on your journey to becoming a finance professional

Looking to break into and move up in high finance?

As a professional, you know it takes dedication and knowledge to get the right attention to move into and up in finance. Join our ranks of Adventis certification holders and earn the professional consideration needed to succeed in this competitive space.

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What You’ll Learn

Excel Formatting Techniques and Keystroke Efficiency

  • Build the skills that enable you to efficiently move through the rest of the program
  • Learn to use the mouse less and the keyboard more
  • Learn key formatting techniques that will make your financial models easy to follow

Three Statement Model

  • Build a 3-statement, fully circular, and properly formatted financial model of an airline company from scratch
  • Build supporting schedules for working capital, PP&E, dividends, share repurchases, debt, and interest expense
  • Learn how investment banking, corporate FP&A, equity research, and other analyst positions use assumptions-driven financial models to support management in making informed decisions and communicating to stakeholders

Public Comparables Analysis

  • Perform a public comparables analysis in the airline space to see where the airline company trades relative to its peers and determine where it should be trading
  • Develop an understanding of how to choose the right comp set for the airline by looking at factors like size, expected growth, and margins
  •  Calculate and discuss commonly used multiples such as EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, and P/E

Precedent Comparables Analysis

  • Perform a precedent comparables analysis for the airline space to see where previous airlines have been bought
  • Discuss how an investment bank would use precedent transactions to determine the appropriate sell price for this airline
  • Develop the knowledge necessary to compare recently sold companies using multiples like EV/EBITDA and EV/Sales in order to extrapolate how the market would value a similar company today

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

  • Perform a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis to determine the intrinsic value of the airline
  • Determine the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for the airline company
  • Learn the practicality behind EBIT, unlevered free cash flows, projection periods and terminal values in finding a valuation range for a business

Valuation “Football Field”

  • Build a comparison of public comparables, precedent comparables, and the discounted cash flow analysis to triangulate a value for the airline company
  • Learn how an equity research analyst determines whether to issue a buy, hold, or sell opinion
  • Learn how an investment bank determines the value range of a company

Leveraged Buyout Analysis

  • Learn the fundamental analysis used by private equity firms
  • Build a leveraged buyout (LBO) analysis from scratch and learn about capital structures, modeling pro-forma financials and calculating return and credit metrics

Self-Paced Practice & Certification Exams

  • FMC Program Enrollees are able to take unlimited exams for no additional cost
  • Exams are typically offered weekly and only one round of exams are allowed per week
  • Exam results and full feedback are often delivered within a few days
  • After videos are completed, it’s recommended you put in 5-10 hours of practice before attempting the exams

Certification Requirements


FMC Level I Certification


  • Build an industry-leading, three-statement financial model from scratch in less than 90 minutes with minimal formatting and formula errors
  • Score at least 90% on a 30-question multiple-choice exam focused on key financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts


FMC Level II Certification


  • Earn FMC Level I Certification
  • Score at least 90% on a 25-question multiple-choice exam focused on key valuation and leveraged buyout concepts

Financial Modeling Certification

(FMC®) Program

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