Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

The first step to enrolling in the FMC Program is to register on either our Undergraduate Students landing page or our Professionals landing page. Registering requires you to submit basic information and create an account in our portal. Upon registration, an email will be sent to you that provides a link to enroll and pay. The course fee for professionals is $495. We provide a discounted fee of $295 to undergraduate students.

What is the timeline for the FMC Program?

Upon enrollment in the FMC Program, you will have access to all instructional videos for two years. During this timeframe you also have access to unlimited exams for both the FMC Level I Certification and FMC Level II Certification.

How does the FMC Program work?

Once you enroll in the FMC Program, you will get access to our learning portal where you can find our instructional videos and course materials. The instructional videos and course materials will be available to you for two years after your enrollment in the program. You complete the course by watching the videos at your own pace.

How long will it take to earn the certifications?

The first step towards earning your certifications is to watch the 8 hours of instructional videos and follow along with the videos by building your own financial model from scratch. This portion typically takes 8-10 hours. The next step is to practice building the three-statement financial modeling exercise and internalize the section of the Boot Camp Packet that focuses on FMC Level I Exam prep, which typically takes 7-10 hours. It typically takes a total of 15-20 hours of work to properly prepare for the FMC Level I Certification. Preparation for the FMC Level II Certification exams includes building out the valuation and leveraged buyout sections of the financial modeling exercises and internalizing the section of the Boot Camp Packet that focuses on FMC Level II Exam prep.

What prior knowledge should I have before enrolling in the FMC Program?

Many of the students and professionals that take the FMC Program have little accounting or financial modeling experience. The instructional videos and course materials are designed in a way that individuals with varying levels of experience can all get a lot of the program.

What kind of software do I need for the course?

All you need is a PC or a Mac with Microsoft Excel and an Internet connection.

How do certification exams work?

Upon enrollment in the FMC Program you’ll be given access to our exam schedule. We typically host several exams per week. You can register for only one exam per week. You will be able to take an unlimited amount of exams for no additional cost.

What is your refund policy?

We do not allow refunds, as all boot camp instructional videos and materials are provided upon enrollment.

Do you have another question?

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