What to Expect with Suited for Investment Banking Applications


Suited is an A.I. powered, assessment-driven recruiting network that enables professional services firms to discover early career candidates. Currently the platform is contracted with a number of investment banks, including Centerview Partners, PJT Partners, William Blair, and Lincoln International.

The Process

Typically upon applying to any of the investment banks that are partnered with Suited, you will receive an invitation to register for the software and begin filling out your Suited profile. The entire profile and assessment should take about an hour to complete. If you are applying to several firms that require you to have a Suited profile, you only need to fill in the profile once. The additional banks you apply to will utilize the profile you have already created.

The Platform

The Suited platform is broken out in five different categories. All categories require you to provide written responses. There are no video recordings or documents to upload.

  1. Here you are asked questions that align with “Are you competitive or cooperative?”, “Do you strive towards perfectionism or can you go with the flow?” There are no right answers, but the software asks you to quantify these responses.
  2. Given how much culture plays a role in hiring, you will be asked questions that pertain to your values.
  3. Stress Response. This section really wants to get out what stress response style you have and which firms will have the right colleagues to compliment it.
  4. Essential Competencies. This section is designed to determine how you most naturally solve problems, interpret data, and what details you pay the most attention to.
  5. Academics and Extracurriculars. This is akin to the resume portion of the application, and most of these questions will look identical to questions that were on the bank’s application.

Best Practices and Advice

One of the tough parts about filling out an assessment like Suited is there is really no true way to prepare for it. The main purpose of this assessment is to place candidates at banks that make sense for both parties. Therefore, trying to game the system or prepare for the assessment will not be that helpful. Instead the greatest advice we can provide you is 1) take your time and 2) respond thoughtfully. As long as you give the assessment the time it deserves and think about your answers before submitting it, you will be in a great place.