Fellowship Program for Undergraduate Students


The objective of this Fellowship Program is to make careers in finance more accessible to engaged and motivated students outside of traditional educational setting, focusing on underrepresented populations and areas. We will support and professionally develop each individual through sponsorship, mentorship, training, coaching and feedback.  Our efforts will recognize the different social and economic backgrounds of our targeted population.   

About Calvert Street

Calvert Street Capital Partners  is a diversified lower middle market investment platform headquartered in Baltimore, Md. We invest in private companies through two distinct strategies: (i) equity investments (through Calvert Street) and (ii) mezzanine investments (through Parkway Capital). Collectively, Calvert Street’s and Parkway Capital’s investment professionals have invested in over 120 companies representing cumulative transaction values in excess of $1.5 billion.

Fellowship Program

Calvert Street has partnered with Adventis to offer its Fellowship Program to undergraduate students in the class of 2024. The Program runs 12 weeks and is designed to meaningfully improve students’ candidacy for competitive finance internships in investment banking, private equity, equity research, asset management, corporate development, and other industries.  

Once admitted to the Program, there will be two phases. The first phase will be focused on helping students learn practical financial modeling skills, build their resumes and stories, prep for key interview questions, and learn other key aspects of winning a competitive internship. The second phase will be focused on building relationships with, and learning from, professionals at Calvert Street. 

Phase I Overview 
During Phase I of the Fellowship Program, participants will be partnered with a mentor. Mentors will be college juniors or seniors who have secured an internship or full-time position at an investment bank, private equity firm, or related industry. Building a relationship with and learning from individuals who have successfully navigated recruiting processes for competitive finance roles is a great way to learn and build your candidacy. Your mentor will be there for you as a resource as you go through the following two Adventis programs: 

  1. The Financial Modeling Certification (FMC) Program consists of 35 videos and 8 hours of instruction. This program should take 20-30 hours to obtain a certification (includes videos, practice, and taking exams). This certification is a cornerstone of our Fellowship Program.  
  2. The Investment Banking Interview Course is a pilot program that isn’t offered publicly and consists of 8 videos and 6 hours of instruction. The first half of this program is geared to students that want to go into any finance careers, whereas the second half of the program is more applicable to investment banking roles. You’ll learn less-than-obvious skills for networking, crafting your resume and story, developing your personal pitch, answering common questions in investment banking interviews, and finding investment banking jobs beyond who’s recruiting on campus. This course also includes a mock investment banking interview where you will be provided with full feedback. We expect students to spend between 20-30 hours for this part of the program.  

We expect candidates to commit to complete Phase I within approximately six weeks, requiring approximately 7-10 hours per week of work. Each student will follow a mutually agreed upon schedule, requiring approximately three hours per day, four days per week.    

Phase II Overview 
Upon completion of Phase I, Calvert Street investment professionals will provide specific financial projects to build upon the Adventis training. These projects will be geared to each student’s individual circumstance and may include: case studies and research projects; deal screening and analysis; further resume and career development; mock interviews and presentations; and networking introductions.  

About Adventis

Adventis is a training firm that helps students learn financial modeling skills and allows aspiring finance professionals to bolster their resumes and demonstrate practical skills that are highly attractive to investment banks, private equity firms, and other industries that provide competitive internships and entry-level positions. Since its founding in 2013, Adventis has worked with over 7,000 trainees and spent considerable effort continually improving the curriculum to help student clients develop skills to differentiate themselves while networking and interviewing for competitive internships and full-time positions.


  • Desire to pursue a career in finance such as investment banking, private equity, or a related field 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Aptitude to work collaboratively in a team environment 
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail 
  • Robust organizational and time management skills 
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work well under pressure 
  • A high degree of humility, maturity, and integrity 
  • A background or coursework in finance, accounting, or related areas is preferred 


  • Undergraduate candidates with a strong academic record, demonstrated desire to be involved in extracurricular activities 
  • Expected graduation date between December 2023 and June 2024 
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 preferred


Please submit your resume and a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) as to why you are interested in business or finance and what you hope to get out of the Fellowship Program to Andy John at ajohn@cscp.com. Applications will formally close November 20, 2021