Create Content With Adventis

What We’re Looking For

Adventis is looking to add several undergraduate students or early career professionals to our team of TikTok video creators. Check out our TikTok account. This exciting and unique experience offers a chance for you to give back to the finance community while making extra money.

Interested? Here’s what you should know:

  • No TikTok experience required. No prior TikTok or social media experience required. In fact, some of our best creators weren’t even on TikTok prior to working with Adventis.
  • Raw video creation only. We can provide you with scripts and/or inspiration for your videos. All you need to do is read the scripts and add your own personal touch where necessary. We edit and post the videos, so all you have to worry about is filming the raw footage.
  • Paid role. This is a paying role. We can discuss more details after you reach out.
  • Video topics. We’re creating videos on topics such as networking, interviews, resume development, and technical skills. No dancing, comedy, etc. Our videos are professional in nature.
  • Finance background. We’re looking for 1st, 2nd or 3rd year students who have secured internships and / or are currently recruiting for internships.
  • Commitment level. We’re looking for new creators to complete an initial project of 15 videos. We anticipate this only taking a few hours of your time.

Email Us If You’re Interested

If you’re interested in joining our TikTok team, reach out to us at Here are some things we would like to learn about you:

  • Who you are (educational background, relevant internships/jobs, interests, etc.)
  • The content ideas you’re most interested in pursuing (we currently provide videos on networking, interviews, resume development, and technical skills)

Educate Aspiring Finance Professionals

Throughout your journey in finance, you’ll see a theme: a culture of giving back. We have very rewarding careers, and it’s important to share that with others.

Adventis gives back through education. We have a growing community of aspiring and early career finance professionals who are interested in our industry, but don’t have the same access as everyone else. That’s why we provide free content through social media and our website.

You may already be familiar with our TikTok account. An Adventis alum built this account and Adventis took it over from there. As it grows, we’re looking for new creators to join us in paying it forward. We create around 100 videos annually and post twice per week.

Soon, we will branch out to YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms as well. It’s an exciting time to join the Adventis social media team.

In order to provide our community with more voices, better serve our audience, and achieve a greater impact, we need to expand. The goal is to get more content creators involved to try and diversify the account and build stronger connections with the various groups within our community.

Become a Content Creator

You don’t need to be a current TikTok star, have video editing experience, or even have an active TikTok account to get started. Aspiring finance professionals want to hear from you. Networking advice, resume development, interview tips, and technical skills – these are the five areas that provide our online family with the most benefit. And you’re a fresh set of eyes, so you’re in the best position to add real, tangible value.

When you contribute to this growing community, you get to expand your skillset and become more marketable to potential employers. Engaging various audiences, explaining complex concepts, and working within a team are all highly desired skills!

You’ll also have the chance to be known within the finance community. Show that you not only understand these concepts, but you understand them well enough to teach others. Prove your value, work ethic, and can-do attitude.

Not sure what to talk about? We have a repository with years’ worth of material for you to comb through for inspiration. We’re always improving, and new perspectives allow us not only to refine our current collection, but also to add new ideas to it.

We’re looking to onboard additional content creators to our team. We are indebted to our audience and value that relationship. This expansion will strengthen that bond.

Commitment and Compensation

Being that we’ve been doing this for several years now, we have a very lean and streamlined approach to onboarding new creators. The initial step is for you to create 15 videos. This typically takes only a few hours of your time. There will be a bit of a back and forth with us in terms of determining which videos to assign to you. Because we have multiple creators on our team, we can spread out our video production so no one person is producing most of our content.

Most videos include 30 to 60 seconds’ worth of content. We edit and post the videos, so all you have to worry about is filming the raw footage. You’ll find that as you move through the work, you’ll become more efficient and begin to develop a process.

Once we’ve finalized your initial batch of 15 videos, we’ll insert you into our lineup of videos. For example, we may post one of our videos two times per month, so that your videos are being seen for the next 7-8 months. At this point we can also discuss you producing more videos.

This is an invaluable experience to take with you on your journey into finance and can serve as a great talking point during interviews. Not only will it stand out as being unique, but it will also showcase your commitment to education and community service.

What to Expect

After we’ve determined your initial 15 videos to create, it’ll take around 30 minutes to acquaint yourself with the process of video creation. After that, we’ve found that it takes around 15 minutes to create each video and send them to Adventis.

Each video is typically broken up into 10-12 second segments. For example, if you’re creating a 60 second video, you’ll create 5-6 clips to send. You’ll want to study the script before creating the videos and think through some improvisations. You also might mess up and have to redo a few. Then you have to transfer them from your phone to us via our folder system.

Not an Experienced Creator?

Don’t sweat it if you’ve never done this before. You’re more prepared than you think. You’ve absorbed the core concepts and mastered a unique skill set that will serve you throughout your entire career.

Now it’s time to share that with others by helping us in our mission to continue to open new doors for those who are interested in private equity, investment banking, and other competitive tracks within finance.

We need a myriad of unique perspectives in order to be able to effectively speak to our diverse online community and produce content that impacts. We encourage you to be that voice that will serve to resonate and change a trajectory. Apply today.