“The instructors are willing to help trainees on an individual level. Because of their backgrounds in investment banking, private equity and corporate development, they were able to explain why all the steps in the FMC™ Program are relevant for careers in finance.”

Our Lead Trainers

The Adventis™ team consists of professionals with experience in investment banking, consulting, private equity and asset management. One of the core beliefs of our team is that trainers should be “plucked” from the corporate world a few days out of the year, rather than taken out of the workforce to train full time. We believe that our trainers are able to better serve professionals and undergraduate students by continuing to use our financial modeling skills in the marketplace, rather than becoming full-time trainers.


David Lewicki, Founder and Lead Trainer

David founded Adventis™ in 2008 and built the company into a successful financial modeling consulting firm. David has served over 70 clients, including start-up ventures, boutique investment banks and private equity firms, middle market companies and Fortune 500 firms, in both transactional and operational capacities.

Previously, David served as an investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch, where he worked within the industrial, consumer and media industries and performed analysis around capital raising opportunities, strategic alternatives and other important decisions companies face.

David has Bachelor of Science in both Finance and Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Rutul Shah, Lead Trainer

Rutul Shah has over 10 years of transaction experience as both a private equity investor and an advisor, with a sector focus in healthcare. Over this time, he has sourced, structured and executed numerous transactions and has assisted many healthcare companies to achieve their growth objectives.

Rutul developed his M&A and financial modeling foundations as an analyst at Merrill Lynch. He is also passionate about teaching and has taught and mentored students throughout his career. Blending his finance experience and passion for teaching, Rutul joined Adventis as a Lead Trainer and member of the operations team in 2015.

In addition to investing, Rutul”™s other passion is teaching. He has taught and mentored students throughout his career through various university and nonprofit affiliations.

Rutul earned an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.